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Event Mobility is the leading charity of its kind in the United Kingdom providing electric scooters and manual wheelchairs at events nationwide for use by the disabled, elderly and mobility impaired. Whether a person is permanently or temporarily physically impaired they will enjoy a day out at events such as Badminton Horse Trials, the British Grand Prix, WOMAD and many more. Most of the Event Mobility staff and volunteers have years of experience helping at nationwide events and will do their best to ensure that you have a great day out wherever you chose to go.

If you are disabled or find it difficult to walk long distances especially at large shows or events, you can book an electric scooter or manual wheelchair to be ready and waiting for you on arrival at the show to ensure that you have the same opportunity to see and enjoy all that a person without your restrictions is able to and the only person exhausted at the end of your visit will be your companion!

To find out how to reserve a manual wheelchair or electric scooter please click events and bookings for more information. To view the shows that we will be assisting at this year please click events and bookings

We were granted charitable status in 1999 and our Registered number is 1074608. We, like many small charities, rely heavily on donations to continue to provide and improve our service. If you feel we are worthy, please click our donate button if you would like to make a further donation and remember that anything you give will be increased by 20%, at no expense to you, if you give us permission to claim Gift Aid.

Event Mobility was registered as a charitable incorporated organisation on 1st January 2015 and the Registered number is 1158919.

We do ask you to fill in any advanced booking forms as carefully as possible as mistakes can delay your booking and make things complicated for us.

We look forward to seeing in the coming season and helping you enjoy an independent day out at shows and events.

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