Terms & Conditions


1) The User declares that:

a) The User is at least 16 years of age;

b) The User reasonably believes that the User is capable of safely operating the Equipment.  In particular, but without limitation, the User is satisfied that Event Mobility has provided the User with adequate information and training (where necessary) and confirms that the User has not been medically assessed as being unfit to operate the Equipment or any equipment similar to it;
c) The User will take good care of the Equipment at all times during the Loan Period, and will ensure that it is used only in accordance with the instructions provided by Event Mobility.

d) Only the User will use the appliance, except to the extent that Event Mobility has given its written consent  for the User, or the User’s authorised representative, to collect/deliver the appliance to/from the User.  In particular, but without limitation, the User will ensure that no passengers are allowed to ride on any Equipment or to stand on the back bumper or platform. Furthermore the appliance will not be overloaded with your belongings.

e) The equipment will not be taken outside the event boundary (without the permission of Event Mobility), or driven on the road.

f) The maximum weight capacity for Event Mobility's largest scooter is 35st and the user may be refused use if over this weight limit.

Event Mobility reserves the right to cancel any booking and/or repossess the Equipment, if it becomes apparent that any of the above information is untrue.

In the case of severe adverse weather conditions, the charity must reserve the right to restrict the provision of their services in the interests of Health & Safety.

2) Cancellations and Refunds - Refunds are payable on request, as follows:-

a) Cancellation of service by Event Mobility – 100% refund

b) Cancellation of event by organiser –  Full Refund less 10% administration fee. (All refunds must be claimed within 30 days of the event that has been cancelled).

c) Cancellation of service by user – Full refund less 20% administration fee (As long as cancellation is 24 hours before booked day).

3) The Equipment must be returned to Event Mobility by the specified time at the end of the Loan Period in the same condition as it was supplied to the User. If delayed, please notify Event Mobility immediately by telephoning the mobile telephone number given at the time of collection. 

4) The donation for loaning the Equipment (and any delivery and collection expenses) are set out on, and payable in accordance with, the Advance Booking Form. 

5) The User accepts full liability for any loss of or damage to the Equipment, and any injury to the User, the User or any third party caused (in each case) during the loan Period, and which are caused other than as a result of Event Mobility’s negligence.  In case of doubt the user may wish to consider short term insurance cover.  For the avoidance of doubt, however, nothing in these Terms and Conditions is intended to exclude Event Mobility’s liability for any death or personal injury caused as a result of its own negligence. If the key to the scooter is lost during the loan period the user is liable to a £10 fee for a replacement.

6) The User must immediately report to Event Mobility any loss of or damage to the Equipment, and any accident causing personal injury to anyone or any damage to property. Details of any insurance claim must also be provided where applicable. Reports should be made in person to the Event Mobility personnel at the event or by telephoning the Event Mobility office on 01386 725391.

7) Event Mobility will endeavour to safeguard any items left by the user in the basket/bag on the scooter but it is the user's responsibility remove all items at the end of the loan period.

8) Gift Aid:  Gift Aid will be claimed on all donations unless the user informs Event Mobility that they are not a UK tax payer and, therefore, their donation is not eligible.

9) We do not store credit / debit card details.
Definitions: ‘Equipment’ refers to any scooter, manual wheelchair, accessories, keys, chargers and electrical equipment on loan from Event Mobility.  ‘Loan Form’ is a form setting out details of the Equipment to be loand out by Event Mobility and the terms of loan. ‘User’ is the individual or organisation entering into the agreement to loan Equipment from Event Mobility, as set out on the Loan Form.  ‘User’ is the person specified on the Loan Form as being the intended User of the Equipment and, where this is not the User, will be treated for the purposes of these Terms and Conditions as using the Equipment with the User’s full approval. ‘Loan Period’ is the period of time specified on the Loan Form from the collection of the Equipment by the User or the User to its return to Event Mobility, or as amended by prior agreement with Event Mobility. ‘Day’ is either a 24 hour period in the case of Private Loan, or the event’s opening hours in the case of Event Loan.