A Taste of the Three Counties countryside with an abundance of locally produced food and drink. Championing the huge community of ‘grow your own’ enthusiasts with experts on hand. With competitions for the famous Three Counties breeds of sheep, cattle and pigs and further exhibitions of poultry, goats, rabbits and bees & honey. There’ll be so much to see, smell and taste.





Three Counties Good Life Show admission policy admits one companion free of charge when a disabled visitor pays the normal admission fee, book in advance to save money. Carer tickets can be arranged on the day when supporting documentation is provided.

For more information please call 01684 584 924 or to book call 08448 110 050.

Guidance for Safe Use of Mobility Scooters

 At the Showground


  • Hired Vehicle: Listen to the advice given on collection
  • Own Vehicle:  Read guidance notes from manufacturer particular for suitability on a showground
  • Only vehicles with a minimum of 4 wheels will be admitted to the showground

Right of Way

  • Please remember, pedestrians have right of way throughout the showground
  • Many people will make room for you, but not always
  • You must use your scooter in a safe manner


  • The mobility scooter speed limit on site is walking pace
  • Pedestrians may walk in front of your mobility scooter, you may need to stop quickly
  • Scooter stopping distance is between 1 and 3 feet

Going up or down kerbs and slopes

  • Always approach at a safe angle, if in doubt ask for assistance

When you are inside public areas and buildings

  • Reduce your speed and control your mobility scooter in a safe manner
  • People may step out in front of you, set your speed to lowest setting
  • Be aware of your surroundings and do not attempt to navigate an aisle or turn that is too difficult
  • In each hall there will be people to assist you so don’t attempt the impossible


  • If you find yourself in a difficult situation, don’t panic
  • Stewards are available in all halls to assist
  • Many people around may be happy to help you in moving your mobility scooter


  • Overloading with shopping and giving others a ride can become hazardous, take care! 

Always keep an eye out for others on the roads and pavements. You may be doing the right thing but it does not mean that others will so be vigilant at all times.  Remember this is a showground, with changes in ground conditions and also that you are below pedestrian eye level and out of view.

Above all else drive safely and enjoy the show

Electric Scooter
Manual Wheelchair
If you would prefer to print a booking form and return it to us by post, please download our Event Booking Form.